Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Train Engines

So as I said in my train post from yesterday, I got myself an N-scale train set.  I've been eying a train set for a while and I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one.  I don't have much of a setup yet, just an outer loop for the Amtrak engine I showed yesterday and an inner loop with siding and switching yard for my freight trains.  I'm not quite sure where I want to go with it yet.  For now, I'm just content to watch the trains as the noise they make is quite relaxing.

Each of these engines represents a special place for me though.
 When I head up to Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula, I will usually pass through Trout Lake.  Occasionally, I will see a CN engine there and it is usually a nice enough setting that I enjoy the pictures I take of them there.
 I'm still learning the different engines though....so I can't go into much detail.
 A couple years ago, I went to Fredricksburg, Maryland and we went by way of Cumberland, Maryland.  It was kind of a nice little town.  So this engine makes me think of that.
 I think this type of engine was originally bought by Conrail for use in delivering coal from the coal mines.  As CSX and Norfolk-Southern took over their routes, they bought a few of these engines.
 The BNSF trains make me think of all the wonderful trips I've taken out west on the train.  They are pretty much all over the place out there.  I was trying to decide between this engine and a Union Pacific engine and this one ended up winning out.
 The N in BNSF stands for the Great Northern Railroad which used to run the Empire Builder route that  I love.
 There are several points on that route where I pass through BNSF switching yards, so this could represent any one of those places.
 This is a shot I wouldn't try with a real train though.
 This one I'd try if I weren't standing on track to do so.
And I leave you with one more shot from the top.

I think I'm gonna try a different layout soon.  Would like to give my trains more to do.  One of the main reasons I picked N-scale over HO or larger is because I can make a pretty intricate layout in a smaller space.  And as you can see, the trains are detailed well enough.

Springtime in Michigan

Last week it hit the 70's and this week....
 We got dumped on last night.  I want to say we got two or three inches which means that we've topped the snowfall record in a season.  I believe we've gotten close to 100 inches of snow this year.
 But fortunately, it will be back in the 60's later this week, so the snow will be gone.  I guess it's more pretty to look at when you know it will be gone quickly.
 The cherry maples in front of our office didn't have much snow, but the ones in back did.
 Another branch.  I think I like this picture a little better.
 Some of the evergreens in the back.
 The not quite so evergreen.
I was hoping to get a shot of snowing, gray sky and blue sky because that would pretty much sum things up.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Crappy Night Wolverine

I was out and about for a little bit tonight.  So I checked the schedule and saw that the Wolverine was running a little late. 
 So off to Depot Town I headed.  I guess there is always my lead in of the Freighthouse.
 And the train as it starts to roar by.
 Yesterday was in the 70's temperature wise.  Tonight it was in the 40's and I think we are supposed to get some snow.  Hopefully it doesn't stick.
 And the train passes by.
 Note the number on this engine.  It will come up in a little bit.
 And the Wolverine heads off to points beyond.
I decided to get myself an N-scale train set.  The engines I picked up have some sort of meaning to me.  I got an Amtrak engine because I like to ride the train.  Notice something similar between the number on my virtual Amtrak and the one I took the picture of above.  They are the same.  I will take other pictures of my setup at some point.  I don't have much of a set up yet.

A Helicopter

As I was at Home Depot tonight, I heard the sound of a helicopter.  I hurried up and put my big lens on my camera.
I mostly got it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Blue Water Bridge

I was hoping to catch one more ship up in Port Huron...
Sadly, she decided to fuel and I didn't know how long that would take, so I leave you with a picture of the Blue Water Bridge.

The Federal Nakagawa

Following pretty close behind the Lubie was the Federal Nakagawa.
I've seen her loading cargo in Detroit before, so this is not her debut but I will try to relay some stats on her.
 She was constructed in 2005 and can carry a little over 36,000 tons of cargo.  I think she is a fairly frequent visitor to the Great Lakes.
 Like I said in the last post, I like the color variety for the salties.
This particular vessel is registered in Hong Kong.
 They usually carry a variety of cargos.  I think when I saw her loading in Detroit, she was carrying coils of steel.
 She is heading towards Burns Harbor in Indiana.
 It seems like things are getting unstuck in my neck of the woods but it might still be a couple weeks for stuff to get unstuck on Lake Superior.
 She slowly works her way up the St. Clair River.
 A shot of her stern and she flies the Chinese flag.
 Up in the distance is the Lubie.
One more shot before moving on.

The Lubie

I decided to head up to the St. Clair River today.  It was my plan to catch the John D. Leitch but that never happened.
 As I was passing through Algonac, I saw this ship passing through at the same time.  So I decided to stop at the Algonac State Park to take a picture of her.
 She is the Lubie and is operated by the Polish Steamship Company out of Szczecin, Poland.  Of course her registry is from somewhere else.
 She was built in 2011 and can carry 30,000 tons of cargo.
 She was heading towards Milwaukee and I'm not sure what she is picking up.
 And she slowly works her way past.
 Even though I like the traditional lakers more, the salties give a nice variety of color.
One more shot of her before she moves up the St. Clair River.