Thursday, October 23, 2014

The John G. Munson in Black and White

I decided to do the ship in black and white.  I don't normally do ships in black and white, but I figured it would be fitting for a classic laker.
 The classic laker in this case was the John G. Munson.  Shooting on the Detroit River at sunset is not bad but sometimes you are shooting right into the sun.
 But not for long.  I kind of like this in black and white, I may have to do this again at some point.
 She's a pretty nice looking ship in color or black and white.
 She gives me the almost straight out shot.
 And the straight out shot.
 As she heads out to Lake Huron, the sun starts to shine on her hull giving a nicer picture.
And one more.

A Sunny Sunset on Belle Isle

I was up at the Troy office today and I saw that a ship would be passing Detroit around the time I would be heading home, so I decided to stop there on the way home.
 The ship was a few minutes away but I saw a helicopter almost as soon as I got on the fish dock.
 I seriously hope this wasn't the ship I was waiting for.  That would be a pretty cruel joke on the part of AIS.
 I'm sure there is a ship called Seagull but this isn't it.  I was doing some of the shots in black and white based on a facebook challenge.
 A seagull in flight.  A flock of one.  It sounds almost like a band.
I loved the stillness of the ponds.  Made for some pretty cool reflections.
 This is a pretty cool looking bridge and I don't think I've caught it before.
 I thought the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon looked really cool.  It was also playing music while I was taking pictures.
 It so much fun, I had to do another.
 I opted for color on this one.
 And this one.
 Back to black and white for General Alpheus Williams.
 I liked the other angles.
 And one more.
And a horse of a different sort.  Well, a Corvette of a different sort.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Downtown Ypsilanti After Dark

With the days shortening, I've been meaning to do some night pictures anyway.  I was thinking I would do some pictures of Depot Town after trivia tonight but I ended up heading downtown instead.
 I figured I would continue with the black and white theme here too.  There is just something about night cityscapes in black and white anyway.
 A shot of the current Ypsilanti City Hall.
 Looking down Huron Street.  I really like the way this particular shot turned out.
 Looking from the other side of the street.
 I was trying to go for both the sign and the reflection of the sign.  I guess if I had one complaint, I wish the baker guys were a little brighter.
 Looking at the Ypsi Cycle Place.
 The Tap Room sign.  I think I'm going to have to play with nighttime photography again.  I kind of wish the background were a little more illuminated.
 Not sure what this restaurant is but I liked the lighting.
 Looking eastward on Michigan Avenue.
 Abe's.  I'm almost thinking I should have gotten a little closer to get my Nighthawks scene.
 The Eastern Michigan College of Business.
The Ypsilanti Public Library.

And there you have a brief Ypsi after Dark Series.

Depot Town in Black and White

So I got a challenge on Facebook where I need to post some black and white pictures.  So I decided to get some fresh pictures for my first one at least.  Since I was already in Depot Town and since Depot Town seems kind of timeless anyway, I was going to use that.
 The Freight House.  I tried the shot from the other side but I liked this one better.
 The train depot.  I always say it but I'll say it again, I wish this were an active train station.
 Somehow it looks better with tracks leading to it.  I guess it would look even better with a train but you take what you can get.
 An old Hudson.
 Looking west towards the Water Tower.
 An albino rat.  This was kind of cool.
 If you insist upon getting pictures of train tracks like this, at least make sure you are near something that can give you some warning of an approaching train like a crossing gate or something.
 Some of the buildings in Depot Town.  I think this looks better in color though.
 The clock.
 Looking in one of the stores.
 The New York Central Caboose.
And the grain elevator.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Return to Blimpy Burger

For the longest time, Blimpy Burger used to be a staple on the corner of Packard and Division in Ann Arbor.  They've been there for as long as I can remember.  Some time last year, the people who owned that landed decided to sell it to the University so that they can build a new dorm or something.  Since Blimpy didn't have a place to move to, they closed on August 13, 2013.
 Recently I found out that they re-opened at a new location.  I really haven't had a chance to check it out until tonight.  I found out that they are right next door to the Fleetwood Diner.
 It looks like they moved much of the old decor into their new place.  It also looks like they have a little more space for the dining room.
 A cool neon sign.
 A shot of the menu.  You can pretty much get whatever you want on the burger.
 One thing you need to know about Blimpy Burger is that there is a certain way to order your food.  If you don't, you may get a talking to by the staff.  It's really not that complicated though.
 When they were at the other location, they used to have snow sculptures in the front.
 It looks like they brought the same grill over which was pretty cool.
 For dinner, I got some onion rings and a burger.  The burger was on an onion roll with mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.  It was pretty good.
An attempt at a Nighthawks type thing.