Saturday, October 3, 2015

Michigan Exposures on the Road

After some waffling on my part on what to do today, I decided to head over to Conneaut, OH for two reasons.  One, there are a number of covered bridges in this area and I hope to get some pictures of them.  Two, the Roger Blough is heading over this way but she is currently at anchorage on the western side of Lake Erie.  I am hoping that winds causing her to be anchored die down and I have a chance to catch her here.
On the way over, I decided to make a stop at the Cuyahoga Valley in order to get more pictures of the Nickel Plate.  While I was here, I decided to get pictures of the Brandywine Falls.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The USS Edson at Sunset

Then I decided to head up to Bay City.  I saw that the American Century was paying a visit to the Karn Plant in Essexville.  I was hoping to catch her there.  Well, as I got to the Karn Plant, I saw that she wasn't there and as I looked at the AIS site, I saw that she was anchored in the middle of the Saginaw Bay.
Since I was there, I figured a picture of the Edson would be good.

A Wind Swept Huron Lady II

As I was waiting for the Lena J, the Huron Lady II was slowly making her way out into Lake Huron.  I can't imagine it would have been fun going out there in this weather.
Here she was heading back into Port Huron.

The Lena J on a Windy Day

I was going to head up to Sault Ste Marie today but I still wasn't feeling well after battling a cold earlier in the week.  As I looked at AIS, I saw that there was a fairly interesting ship making her way up the St. Clair River, so I decided to head up to Port Huron.
 The Lena J is a heavy lift ship that is owed by the Arkon Shipping of Germany.
 She was built in 1998 by the JJ Sietas Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany.
 She is 152 meters long and 20 meters wide and can carry a little over 8,000 tons of cargo.
 On the way over, she hit a bridge as she was transiting through the Welland Canal.  The bridge is expected to remain closed until repairs are completed.  The Lena J had temporary repairs to let her underway.
 Here we see a brave pilot trying to get on her.  As you can see the river is pretty rough.
 She makes her way under the Blue Water Bridge.
 Another shot of her under the Bridge.  You can see the damage to her satellite dish.
 the pilotboat keeps up with her.
 A few waves crashing against the stones.
 And she continues on her way.
 I kind of liked the way the wind was catching her wake.
She is on her way to Burns Harbor in Indiana.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Surprise Ship

As I was heading home from Fostoria, I looked down the Maumee River and I saw what appeared to be a ship coming in.  So I decided to look for a spot where I could catch her.
The sad part about shipwatching in Toledo is that unless the ships are going past the I-280 Bridge, there aren't a ton of good places to catch them.  I forget the park where I caught this but it's not very close to the shipping channel.  Oh well, the Michipicoten was one of the ships I missed earlier, so I was happy to get an okay shot of her.

Sunday Trainwatching

So on Sunday I decided to do a little railfanning.  I was up a little too late for the ship traffic and I wanted to do something.
 First I stopped at Deshler and got a couple pictures there but I kept hearing over the radio that trains were backed up around Fostoria so I decided to head over there.
 Sure enough, there were a few trains in Fostoria.  It didn't take too long before I saw my first train.
 And she headed along.
 I saw this one a couple times as it was picking up autoracks and shuffling them about.
 My favorite view at Fostoria.  It is my safest chance for a headshot on a train.
 But it doesn't last too long.
And then that train ended up heading up to Toledo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eastern Michigan Football Vs Army

I'm just posting some of my pictures from the Eastern Michigan game on Saturday night.  For here, I'm doing more of the stuff surrounding the game rather than the game itself.  If you want to see pictures from the game, go to Eagle Totem.
 The band taking the field.  I always like this part of a game.  It's kind of a shame that there isn't more focus on the game during TV broadcasts.  I guess people would rather hear the bobbleheads prattle on about nothing.
 I was trying something different for this shot.  I might have to crop a little tighter next time.  I might even try different settings on my camera to get the rest in focus.
 The color guard during the Star Spangled Banner.
 One of the things that was started last year was the flying of the eagle out onto the field.  I really like this addition and I hope that it continues as a tradition.
 Just a couple shots of the eagle.  She's a nice looking bird.

 I kind of like this shot of the band.
 Sometimes my favorite pictures from the game aren't necessarily the good things that happen during the game.  In this case, Darius Jackson was going in for a touchdown and he coughed up the ball before approaching the goal line.
 The band was pretty cool at halftime.
 I was trying some different angles then.
 The moon was almost full.
At this point, the result of the game was no longer in doubt, so I was just trying for some overall shots of the field.